Pure Mule

Writer: Eugene O’Brien
Directors: Declan Recks & Charlie
Cast: Garret Lombard, Tom Murphy,
Eileen Walsh, Dawn Bradfield,
Luke Griffin & Charlene McKenna.

“The whole world in a small town…”

Pure Mule is set in contemporary, rural Ireland in the same terrain as Eugene O’Brien’s play EDEN. It’s a midlands market town, unnamed, but utterly familiar. The six episodes focus on one particular character from Friday evening to Monday morning.

By times sexy, violent, comical and elegiac, the series expressed the frailty and longing that is at the heart of each booze-fuelled weekend. The drama is rich in language, loss and the edgy exchanges that can turn a night out into one of magic or misery…

Winner of five 2005 Irish Film & Television Academy awards, including Best Actor in Television (Tom Murphy), Best Actress in Television (Dawn Bradfield), Best Director – TV Drama Series (Declan Recks), Best Sound in Film/TV Drama (Phillipe Faujas, Niall Brady, Ken Galvin) and Best Supporting Actress in Television (Eileen Walsh).